Most people certainly agree that playing is more fun than work, even if you love your work. People who have often taken part in Karin A. Haemmerle’s workshops have had the experience that things happen with much less effort and with ease. They experience more vitality, joy, health, prosperity, better relationships and fulfillment in the different areas of their lives. It often happens quite unnoticed; the changes manifest themselves, so to say, through the back door. The new attitude towards life simply feels so natural that you (no longer) see it as something unusual.


The reason for the ease of these changes is due to elevated frequencies, which accelerate processes. It certainly wasn’t God’s plan that his children should work hard, suffer and be unhappy.


Exactly the opposite is our birthright! In her new Playshops, Karin A. Haemmerle seeks to support people in using their creative potential and truly listening to their real wishes and abilities instead of spending their valuable lifetime with disliked jobs, bad relationships, lack of money and so on. Working with frequencies is working on the “seed level”; when they are changed, your life changes automatically!


It takes courage to leave old pathways, to be engaged by your desires and dreams, to apply special abilities to a new profession. The world is in flux, it needs our consciousness shifts, innovation, fresh ideas and projects.


  • What if we could do the things we do with less effort and stain, but with the same or even better results?


  • What if we could be proactive more from Being than from Doing? And to stop thinking that sometime later a time will come to do what you actually want to do!


  • What if you could now (re)awaken hidden or suppressed abilities and talents that you feel in yourself and bring them into your life? What really inspires you?


  • What if you, with your radiance and your creative potential, are part of the necessary change?


  • What is it really about?


  • What type of frequencies make the life that we love possible for us?


These Playshops seek to pursue these questions, lay the foundation and create access for these changes. And then it is just about remaining aware and letting yourself be led…


In connection with the Playshops, the meditation healing will be made available to you as an MP3 recording. You will receive access to a corresponding link for download by email.


Please contact me if you are interested to participate or to plan an event with me:


“The seminar gave me great strength and the courage to pursue this path professionally.” Read More MD Feedback…



Self-Healer’s Retreat in Bahia Brazil

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Word of caution: Once awakened your “self” will come to life in more ways than you could have ever imagined. If you are not ready to start on a life-changing journey please do not sign up for an event as seating is limited.


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