The Key to Self-Empowerment













Taking back your Power…




  • Do you really know how powerful you are?


  • Do you know how abundant and fulfilled your life could actually be?



The power that lies dormant inside of you is unimaginably vast. You just have to wake up to your true self to gain access to the divine power within you.


In this intensive group meditation Karin, will instill Pure Source frequencies and universal knowledge so that you can connect again with your source divine potential.


With these frequencies, Karin activates that…


  • the untrue identifications connected with insecurities and distortions that taint the authenticity of your spirit and impairs it‘s clarity and radiance will be uncovered.


  • your heart opens up and your mind calms down so that you can connect with the unlimited power of your spirit.


  • you can feel safe and at home and experience that under these layers of your personal history lies a truth that reveals your pure self


  • to celebrate and embrace your innate abilities to create what until now you thought was impossible


  • you have the courage to live your magnificence completely and to “BE”.



You are powerful, you are unlimited. It lies in your hands to claim that power.



This group healing will encourage you to remember what a special, wonderful and unlimited being you truly are.




Frequency Healing ~ The Key to Self-Empowerment, MP3 recording




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