The Frequency of Beauty 2017










The Frequency of Beauty was first introduced in 2013, and continues until today to be one of my client’s favorites.  With the powerful upgrades in my abilities, coupled with the ongoing demand of this program, I welcome you to the actualization of the newest version of, The Frequency of Beauty 2017. I invite you to just enjoy the splendor of these new frequencies, infusing the frequency of beauty and youth.  Bringing in the frequency to repair cells and slow down the aging process.  Infusing the frequency to stimulate collagen for smooth skin and keratin for healthy hair, skin and nails, and that is just the beginning.


Showering in the frequency to strengthen the effectiveness of beauty treatments, bringing in the frequency for your beauty needs; the right products, right doctors and skilled estheticians.  Bringing in the frequency that will naturally attract you to the right foods that are vital for your body and mind.  Bringing in the frequency of a time loop, so that you look like the frequency of your youthful years.  Bringing in and bathing in those frequencies of beauty, youth, vitality, miracles, a passion for life and more…


Karin A. Haemmerle will duplicate herself in these healing programs, which enables her to work at the same time on all participants and yet individually, which has been perceptible for many people. This high efficiency is a special feature of her new programs.


Following this intensive program, you will receive a link to the MP3 recording of the meditation healing for downloading, imbedded with healing frequencies that will continue to work in the future for you.


“I could not believe what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I am glowing, I look ten years younger! The sagginess in my face has decreased significantly!”


Meditation Healing ~ The Frequency of Beauty, MP3 Download



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