Self Healers Retreat August 2019 in Peachland




I have actually waited to go through the wave of different experiences, feelings and emotions since the Peachland Retreat.

I also wanted to gauge, if the immediate post Peachland euphoria was going to wane.


For me the Peachland experience was profound, the setting and the feeling that I was embraced by nature together with the kindness, energy and honesty of you, helped to engrave much more than just an experience. The group of people together was absolutely super special. I am in regular contact with the other Self Healers.

Now, more than one month later, I still feel the strength and frequency running in my veins.


I still have this “super connected” experience on a daily basis.So, what has changed for me? There are so many aspects of my life that changed, and I have tried as best as I could to note these as individual points. I have stopped to take my anti-depressant medication, in fact, I took it once when I came back and I felt so poorly, as if my body could not tolerate this at all. This is wonderful and I do not feel the need to take this at all and I feel great.


The first thing when I get up in the morning is to become connected, it is so essential for me now and the day or two I did not spend the few minutes to become aware and to connect and to breathe and to notice what I notice, my day turned out to be stressful.


As I drive to work through beautiful landscapes, I do stay in this zone. I notice nature, smell the air, feel the wind brushing against my skin (I open my car window as it makes me feel I can touch nature) and take a mental image which I take to the surgery with me. I use these metal images throughout the day for example when I feel stressed or encounter challenging procedures, I recall these images, take a deep breath for 5 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds (whilst I imagine the oxygen flow through my body) and then slowly breathe out for 8 seconds. This is a wonderful experience. I love how effective and energising this is.


Understanding and reading more about geoscience (your book of Okanagan Geology was so interesting and absorbing, it inspired me to go into further detail).

And then, it was like as if I was guided and drawn to read and research more detail of cosmology. I cannot explain it, but it makes me feel an essential part of everything not only here on earth, but an ingredient of the universe.


I challenge myself and whilst out walking my dog, I combine the mediation exercises you taught us and also imagine myself in the bigger sphere relating to earth, and the universe.


The reward is immense and it is so overwhelming that I was concerned the experience would not last. It is as if I feel sense and observe everything around me on a total deeper and more intense level of beauty.


I feel calmer and I manage stress at work so much better, and this is continuing to be the case after more than a month now.


I talk to my spirit constantly and experience the value of this.

I have increased my income by 25% since, and do not feel guilty to be rewarded for my professional services and time any more. Interestingly since I increased my fees, more patients are booking to see me for elective surgery and orthodontic treatment.


Frequency Healings:

Thank you so much for these. Again, I experienced very powerful effects, some of which was a detoxification of issues from the past and thanks for your guidance, I knew not to get concerned, but identified these as detoxification. One had to do with very clear emotions I felt during childhood. This process of coming face to face with these emotions explained my current behaviour of feeling guilt and responsible.


A second experience explained my behaviour towards animals and why I became vegan. It was disturbing to go back and I felt exhausted for a day after in both cases, but look at these issues different and realise it was only experiences and does not define me as a person. I feel free from that now.


So overall, the setting in Peachland, the wonderful group, your hospitality to make us feel more like family and friends, your delicious food and your warmth, energy and ultimately your gift to heal and help us to see and feel life has been the most wonderful gift anyone could ever wish to receive.


I am so grateful.

Warm regards

And I am looking forward to see you soon, G.




I participated in the Self Healer Retreat with Karin Haemmerle in summer 2019.


Right from the very beginning I was fascinated by the loving, caring and playful atmosphere that Karin created. Not only had Karin, Susan and Isi prepared some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten, it was simply pure joy to see how they have taken care of me and all the other participants.


The Self Healer Retreat came with some of the most intense frequency sessions I have experienced so far and I went into a deep and exhilarated state of being a brilliant version of myself.


I can’t thank Karin and her team (and the other participants) enough for all of the above: splendid hospitality, great fun and playful atmosphere combined with intense and tremendously helpful frequencies.


Thank you soooooo much and lots of love, T.





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