Remote and Personal Sessions



Karin A. Haemmerle will lead you through a meditation at the beginning of the 30 Minute session to combine the power of meditation with the healing power of the pure essence, to supercharge you into higher frequencies.


At these higher frequencies Karin will help you, by tapping into your Higher Self to benefit automatically from the unlimited abundance of the universal energy in all areas of your life.


Any blockages will naturally fall away at these higher frequencies.


Imagine getting on to the right path that will lead you to the life you’ve always desired.


To assist you in reaching your true potential, remote sessions are available throughout the year.


12 Minute Session $75, this service is recommended for returning clients… who want assistance with a specific issue, who do not need to ask questions or discuss a topic.


25 Minute Session $140, this session time is recommended for first time clients and returning clients… who have questions or have two or more points to work on.


4 Day Program $540, this session time is recommended for clients with chronic ailments or issues.


Personalized frequency coded MP3 recording $390

Karin will record a personalized MP3, specifically frequency coded to your individual needs. These recordings are 25-30 minutes long, and may be used as a guided meditation, or can be played on low volume in a loop throughout the day and/or night to immerse yourself in the pure source frequency.


“Less than 24 hours after receiving my personal frequency encoded recording, I am experiencing a shift in my reality as well as in my overall bodily feelings and senses. This is such an intimate and intensely personal experience with those frequencies specifically coded to my spirit’s healing. Your healings and meditations are extraordinary, but this goes beyond anything I have experienced with you yet. I feel as if I have been skyrocketed forward and am continuing to climb higher and higher and expand further and further….and this is just the beginning… WOW!!!”  Read More…


Program – Feedback

“The improvement in our daughter is unbelievable! She has turned around a total 180 degrees, and we can’t believe it! She is a nice normal interactive teenager now, she’s engaging in conversation with us, not rolling her eyes, and she rarely says ‘no’ when asked to do something. We are just so happy!”  Read More…


Word of caution: For some the paradigm shift may be too great. Do not take part if you are not ready for rapid change in your life.




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