PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome


I would like to share with you the positive and remarkable difference in my sons coping skills and behavior.

My son’s personal life experiences and stress coping had been very fragile for a long time.  His daily life filled with aggravation, frustration and anger.  This was his daily experience and living life was a challenge that he was not always wanting to confront on a daily basis.

After your 2 personal sessions with him.  I have noticed there has been a remarkable and positive change in his personality.

My son is now gentle in his words, able to communicate effectively without the rage and is able to focus to handle everyday tasks without the stress component that he had previously experienced.

He is now able to focus and complete tasks without spinning out of control with frustration and despair.

My son and my family thank you for your kind and gentle assistance.  We are using the personal recordings as part of our daily routine along with participating in the 21 day meditations.   No longer is the need to consider conventional medical treatment with medication.

With much gratitude that you have been led into our lives.

Mary W.



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