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Program for Pets – Feedback


“She has much more energy and her behavior is worry free like a puppy.”  Read More…


“Before the group healing my 17 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure and the vet suggested putting her down. I started to run energy into the kidneys at the time of the group healing every day. When I returned for another visit to the vet, she could not believe how good my cat looked and that she couldn’t even detect any abnormalities of the kidneys anymore, thank you so much Karin!”


“Bella is doing really good today! The vet looked her over and she is very healthy. Thank you for getting rid of the super bug for her!!!!”


“Back in April 2012 our French bulldog was diagnosed with primary epilepsy. Around January 2013 we had to increase her prescription to double the dose since her seizures were happening every week. Karin worked on our dog for a few sessions and we purchased the clearing meditation, which we play on repeat through the night. We are currently on a 3 month seizure free stretch.”


“My beloved 1 year old cat was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of cancer that came out as a big growth on the sole of one of one of his feet. He underwent an operation in which one of his toes and part of the cushion of his foot was removed. It took him long to heal and he was in a lot of pain. A year later the same cancer came back on the same foot. It was a big growth that was constantly bleeding. By this time I already got to know Karin and have experienced her wonders on myself, so I asked if she could help. She said that she believes a 20 minuted session will suffice. My cat and I sat in front of the computer, talking to Karin. At one point my cat jumped away and left. 5 minutes later Karin asked me to go and look at his foot – the growth disappeared, the wound was closed, and there were just a few flakes on the skin that was still somewhat swollen. A week later there was no sign that he ever had any wound there. This was 7 months ago.

The cancer did not come back.”

Painting: Bavat Marom


“There is a stray cat called Ginger that someone dumped in my garden when he was a big kitten. I tried to take him in and domesticate him, but he would not agree to use his litter box, and insisted to pee on my sofa instead, so I had no choice but to feed him outside. Two weeks ago Ginger was badly bitten by a dog and disappeared. I found him hiding below a large deck, totally scared and in great pain. I tried to capture him in a cage to bring him to the vet, but when he saw the cage he decided that now I too am the enemy. I chased him for hours around the neighborhood, but he escaped me and I haven’t found him again. I was afraid that he went somewhere to die. In my agony I wrote Karin and asked for her help. When I returned from work in the evening, Ginger was waiting for me next to the door, his wound was almost completely healed, he walked in the door, found himself a place on the cupboard, and haven’t peed on the sofa since.”


20 Minute Session $65


4 Day Program $260

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