Personalized Frequency Coded Recordings Feedback



“Karin is moving at Light Speed in her ability to facilitate ongoing connection to pure source and healing of body, mind and spirit.  Her personalized frequency coded recording allows you to have access to Karin ongoing, bringing in specific frequencies and targeting specific areas for healing. 

My personalized frequency coded recording was to assist in bringing my right and left sides together.  For many years now I have felt as if my left side was very different from my right.  After just the first session with my personalized recording, both my right and left sides melded together and a soothing calm has set in on my left side.  I am so excited at the prospect of what having this beautiful personalized recording will do for me.  What a wonderful tool to have this frequency coded recording to use ongoing and as needed.  It is a huge step toward self-empowered healing.  Thank you Karin…”


“Less than 24 hours after receiving my personal frequency encoded recording, I am experiencing a shift in my reality as well as in my overall bodily feelings and senses.  This is such an intimate and intensely personal experience with those frequencies specifically coded to my spirit’s healing. 

Your healings and meditations are extraordinary, but this goes beyond anything I have experienced with you yet.  I feel as if I have been skyrocketed forward and am continuing to climb higher and higher and expand further and further….and this is just the beginning… WOW!!!”









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