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Karin A. Haemmerle has helped thousands of people around the world to give their life a new direction, a new frequency. Even in her childhood, she laid her hands on sick people, and even back then, many profited from her special gift. Over the years, Karin A. Haemmerle developed an approach that leads to self empowerment and self healing. It goes far beyond the known self help methods and has concrete, quick, and lasting results.


“By laying our expectations of how things should work to the side, we come quite simply into the present moment, into the Now. And then, everything is possible.”




















Interview with Karin A. Haemmerle February 7, 2017  Read More…


“Karin!!  This is the most wonderful and insightful documentation of what you do. The computer metaphor is Brilliant! It left me wanting to read more. Congratulations!   What a wonderful interview.”


“The interview is clear and compelling. The computer metaphor makes the information accessible and friendly to those with a scientific orientation while the Trinity message reaches those with a religious/spiritual orientation. The description about the hypersonic diagnostic was WOW. And, your joyfulness radiates through.”



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Karin A. Haemmerle about herself:


Even in my childhood, I had healing abilities and access to extrasensory realities. They were perceived as positive in my environment on one hand, but also as problematic. To feel like I belonged, to feel normal like everyone else, I hid and suppressed my otherness. In my early twenties, I lived in India and Nepal for 5 years, then started a family in Canada and started building a business. Everything changed when I was diagnosed with an incurable illness, and I saw myself forced to completely change my life. Adversity brought me back to my calling, and I remembered my original healing abilities. In trust in the pure origin and in connection with my higher self, the spirit, as I call it, I learned to heal myself and overcame the illness.


Since 1993, I have supported people in activating their self healing abilities. I don’t consider myself to be a healer, because I do not heal with my strengths. Through my access to the higher and extrasensory realities, I am more like a catalysis and an intermediary for higher, pure frequencies, which come from the pure source. They affect and accelerate fundamental changes in all areas of life: on the level of physical, mental, and emotional health, in the areas of relationships, professions, finances, spirituality, etc.


The most important lessons came to me through meditation, and they become continually more intense with time. I experience dreamlike circumstances, in which I remain totally awake and fully aware of my surroundings. I attained knowledge about many subjects. My work has no religious roots, I belong to no school or method of teaching, it is rather spiritual nature, and its affect is explained best through quantum physics.


With time, my healing abilities have expanded, the sessions have become more intensive, and I achieve quicker results in less time.


“Karin will show you a method that really works and will bring you tangible, quick results.”

Dr. W. Burckhardt, MD



Here is a short summary from a scientist who participated in a group healing (PGF) in Berlin/Germany on September 24, 2016:


For the past 15 years, I have been researching about the most important information- and energy transmitters of the universe. With the help of  ”Hypersonic Diagnostics” it is possible to observe these processes in the human body, especially in the brain. As well as audible sounds, Hypersonic is measured in decibels (dB). A healthy body has 60 dB.

I have watched Karin A. Haemmerle and the participants during the group healing session and found the following interesting things.

Karin not only has a sympathetic very winning way, but also possesses a special emanation. This is due to a very special neuron circuitry in both halves of her thalamus. This creates a circuit known as the feedback, in the technology in a particular core area through which all sensory signals (afferent nerve) run. This special feature also heightens nerve impulses (and hyper Sonic fields) in the opposite direction (efferent nerve). Resulting in Karin emitting high levels of hyper sound and influence to other people.

The hyper sonic level in Karin’s right thalamus measured 1,600 dB and 1,900 dB in the left thalamus. These levels are extremely high, but while working on the individuals (what hard work!) there was an increase to a maximum of 3,300 dB. This is exceptionally good.

While working on the test individual their Hypersonic transmission rose (= spirit) continuously from 60 to 1,600 dB. The most important finding was that in the test individual as well as in all other participants a permanent signal amplification in the thalamus had adjusted: right 230 dB, left 240 dB. This means that the test individual (and also all other participants) were sensitized in their awareness through Karin’s work, physically proving the effectiveness of her abilities.

Having observed and measured Karin’s work, my conclusion is that in principle it is specifically possible to increase the awareness of individuals, the scientifically proven ability to rewire one’s brain into higher frequencies.


This short definition evolved after a conversation with a very spiritually trained participant in one of my programs. Among other subjects in our conversation, this was about what the spirit really is or is as defined by eastern philosophies.


“This soul body (spirit) is also the medium of the consciousness, the individual identity, the soul and its “history”. Through this body, the connection to the “pure source” is possible. On this level, the “imprints” or the patterns, and the “seeds” and “fruits” (good and bad), are saved.

Karma comes from the verb karoti (Sanskrit), which means ‘to do’. Karma means ‘deed’, ‘action’, ‘behavior’. (Not, as often incorrectly depicted, the ‘consequences of the deed’.) Here, intention and the question of whether the deed originates from a pure motive or from a personal one play a decisive role.

Vipaka (literally “maturing”) means the ‘causal effect of the action’, the fruits.

Things stored in the subtle matter manifest themselves as patterns of behavior and illness physically, emotionally, and mentally. My perception of Karin’s ability is that she will go to the level of the soul body (spirit) during the neutralization of undesired imprints and fruits (dimness).

This work takes place at the level of transpersonal energies and goes beyond the personality…”

Adjunct Faculty Member, Author


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