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Note: Here is the latest version of the “Pain Body Transformation”, a two-step program, which was created 3 years ago and is one of the most intense, most effective and most popular frequency cures. Karin’s skills have since become very powerful. Therefore, this new version is enriched with the latest upgrade frequency.


Pain Body – A destructive energy unit that takes possession of your body and spirit  and defines itself primarily through suffering. Many identify unconsciously with the Pain Body that is always creating painful situations in your life to stay alive and to ensure its existence. Eckhart Tolle created this term and describes in detail the functioning of the Body Pain in his books.



Pain Body Symptoms


Rage, Destructiveness,



Hate, Grief, Resentment


Drama, Violence, Disgust,





Failure, Lack


Easily Offended, Guilt, Disease


The Pain Body has taken you over if


You nourish your pain and relish in other people’s pain


You manifest painful situations but claim you do not want to have any pain


You becoming the victim or the perpetrator


You either inflict pain upon yourself, suffer from pain or experience both


You are having a too low income despite every endeavor or dysfunctional relationships, etc.


You are always unhappy or sick


Pain Body Transformation – The Pain Body is one of the most common and most serious problems that Karin sees inside her clients. A strong and active Pain Body is the cause of many limiting belief systems, weight problems, disease and poverty. Still, it’s difficult to remove it as you unconsciously nourish it in your body. Karin will take you through two efficient frequency treatments to help you resolve your Pain Body. You will reduce layers of distortions in your body, your mind and also in the DNA of your Higher Self (Spirit) over decades or in past lives where it has accumulated and taken root.


Pain body transformation I:

  • recognize the pain in your body
  • recognize your dependence on the Pain Body
  • distinguish the Pain Body from your true identity and learn to replace it
  • interrupt the cycle of unconscious pain creation
  • strengthen your exponential intelligence to distinguish
  • integrate the frequency of inner strength


Pain Body Transformation II:

  • removing the active or resting Pain Body
  • separation of the emotional bond with the collective Pain Body
  • neutralization of pain (the wounds and distortions) of many lives
  • remain free of the Pain Body through vigilance
  • strengthen your connection to the Pure Source
  • inflow of fulfillment in all areas of your life (Love / Finance / Health / career, etc.)


These two intensive detoxification sessions will assist you to:

  1.  Recognize the cycle of unconscious pain so you can detect and extinguish it  -1 hour  meditation
  2.  Pave the way for a life of true joy, passion and fulfillment -1 hour meditation


Karin A. Haemmerle will duplicate herself in this healing program. This enables her to work on all participants at the same time and yet to work individually, which is also a clear experience for many. This high efficiency is a feature of her new programs.


After this intensive program you will receive a e-mail with the link to the MP3 recordings of the two frequency healings.  If you download these frequency healings and listen to them in a loop at a barely audible volume, they will continue to strengthen and instill the healing frequencies.


This personal two part healing is done one week apart.  Cost:  $420.00











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