Peachland ~ Annual Self Healer’s Retreat Weekend 2019










Karin will be opening her home in Peachland to a select and privileged group of advanced Self Healer’s for her Annual Self Healer’s Retreat Weekend, August 2nd-4th.


This intensive weekend is full of abundance in every sense. Soaking in the magnificent beauty of the Okanagan valley, while bathing in high frequencies throughout the weekend in Karin’s warm and welcoming home, and being served fresh, vibrant, nutritious, lovingly prepared high frequency foods from Karin’s kitchen.


This very special event is for advanced Self Healers only and is being offered as a full package with lunch included. Registration is limited to 8 participants. Register now to experience this extraordinary life changing opportunity.

Reserve your space now via PayPal. $1200 per person  ***4 spaces left of 8***




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