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Recognizing Wandering Energies and Clearing Them
In this 3 part series, Karin will help you recognize and clear your physical space as well as in your spirit realm. Usually this is from old blockages from the past, sometimes even from past lives, that unconsciously control us, weaken us and bring in self-destructive patterns into our lives.




Session 1: Take inventory and scan through the body


  • Become aware of wandering energies in all body parts, starting with the foundation (feet, legs) and then through the whole body up to the head


  • Develop a feeling for different kinds of foreign energies and how they feel


Session 2: Enhance and connect to the pure source


  • Scan deeper into hidden wandering energies in your body, as they are coming to the surface


  • Connect even stronger with the pure source


  • Recognize what comes into awareness: Thoughts, ideas, feelings, anything that is restricting


  • Become aware of what is changing and what shows up stronger


  • Scan the spirit realm and expand into it



Session 3: Clear and remove any debris that has weighed you down


  • Find remaining wandering energies


  • Connect with the pure essence, expanding into your spirit realm


  • Remove wandering energies in different body parts and in the spirit realm


  • Re-charge with the pure source energy



These three sessions are available as MP3 recordings and can be combined with personal or remote program. This process is very intense and may lead to a detox process. It is recommended to be done in three consecutive days.


You may use these MP3 recordings as guided meditations, or play them on low volume in a loop throughout the day and/or night for the pure source frequency immersion.
To further strengthen the effectiveness of this program, included in this package are four MP3 recordings: the Wandering Energies Healing Meditations and the Industrial Strength Clearing Meditation.


“Karin’s Wandering Energies program has given me a new found freedom and control over my life that I have never felt before.”


“I am finally able to distinguish between what energy belongs to me and what does not. I am now able to keep what is not mine out of my spirit and physical space”


Word of caution: For some the paradigm shift may be too great. Do not take part if you are not ready for rapid change in your life.


Wandering Energies Program $ 470







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