Group Healing via Phone or Skype (LIVE)






One – 90 minute session with a group healing meditation.


In this 90 minutes, you can experience the supporting power of a group. Limited to 9 people, learn the powerful effect of a connected, aligned purity of group consciousness, which make group prayers so effective.


A method of meditation which will really help transform your life effortlessly. Then, Karin will connect you with the Pure Source. This connection has transformed many lives. The Pure Source will guide you automatically, to allow fulfillment in all areas of your life, which is our birthright. Remain immersed in the beautiful healing frequencies of purity.

Karin is going to integrate the healing frequencies of purity that focus on the causes, why your life is not going the way it could be, and will initiate a “reprogramming” on the spirit level.


Through these healing sessions amazing results have manifested, by re-programming, re-aligning and re-energizing. Many have reported impressive results through private sessions or group healing. Now, you can use the combined power of the two methods even more for yourself.


Group Healing – Feedback

“I feel much more vivid, fresh, direct, clear, light, joyous, confident…”  Read More…

Because of the powerful effect please book this session only, if you are ready for a massive change and to assume full responsibility for your life.


Group Healing via Phone or Skype (LIVE)  coming up:



PERSONAL SESSION in a Powerful Group Format









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