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“Even though you may want to move forward in your relationships, you may have one foot on the brakes.  In order to be free, we must learn how to let go.  Release the hurt.  Release the fear.  Refuse to entertain your old pain.  Is the energy it takes to hang onto the past holding you back from a new relationship?  What is it you will let go of today?”  Mary Manin Morrissey



Having loving fulfilling relationships is one of the main pleasures in life.  But so many times after the initial “high” of being in love, or finding a new best friend, connecting with likeminded people, or being a supportive, loving parent, our relationships can start going downhill fast; leaving us wondering what happened?


We gave our very best, did everything that was expected of us so, why does this not feel so good anymore?


It takes two to make a relationship work right?  That is what we have been led to believe, but in actuality, it mainly takes YOU!  Many factors enter into creating healthy loving relationships, just as many factors enter into creating unhealthy relationships.


Some of those factors are:


  • Unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors such as feeling unworthy/unlovable/undeserving


  • Feelings of lack of respect


  • Depression which can increase feelings of isolation, and loneliness


  • Lack of trust


  • Feeling that the relationship is one sided


  • Feeling unappreciated


  • Lack of intimacy on all levels


  • Boredom/feeling stuck in a rut with the relationship or life in general


  • Unrealistic Expectations on yourself, partner, children, friends, family


  • Poor or miscommunication


  • Day to day stress of life, i.e. finances, health, children


  • Abandonment issues


  • The need to please others, so they will like/love you


  • Control issues (feeling controlled or needing to be in control)


  • Gender issues, fear of not being accepted for who you truly are



The Relationship Healing can assist you in creating relationships that are healthy, fulfilling, and life affirming.  But most importantly it will create a loving, accepting relationship with yourself, which is where attracting loving, healthy relationships begins.


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“I feel so connected to my husband now, on a much deeper level, just amazing to both of us.”



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