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Creating the basis for healthy, fulfilled relationships


Most people long for a true love relationship. Why is that? What is it that we are really longing for? Why do we unintentionally always detach ourselves further from fulfilling these desires deeply rooted inside of ourselves? Loves deceptions are great, causing much suffering which is reflected in literature throughout the world dedicated to this topic. Again and again we enter into new relationships full of hope, believing that at some point this must work out. But why exactly do we have the relationships that we have? Why does the desire for true love or the ideal partner remain unfulfilled?


In this sequence of eight intensive meditation healings, Karin A. Haemmerle will illuminate the complex aspects and backgrounds of our dysfunctional unhealthy relationships, revealing patterns and beliefs that hide behind typical behavioral patterns. What are the motives, especially for women to deny their female identity and their sexuality, continuing in relationships that do not serve them psychologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; or allowing themselves to be taken advantage of or abused in different ways? Karin explains what disastrous consequences when the spiritual dimensions in love relationships are missing. These profound healings will show you how to overcome feelings of emptiness, separation and disappointment; bringing you into experiencing a state of completeness which is the requirement for any truly fulfilling relationship.


Karin will duplicate herself in these healing programs, which enables her to work at the same time on all participants and yet individually. This is a special feature of her new programs, amplifying their efficiency.


Relationships – Love /Sensuality Part I:  In the first four intense meditation healings Karin invites you to become more aware of who really controls your emotions in matters of the heart and why it is not a good thing to simply follow these emotions. This is about tracking down old, sometimes deeply hidden, relationship patterns and imprints and bringing them to awareness. This creates a better understanding of the relationships that govern the relational part of your life, ultimately leaving one unfulfilled. In what way have fallacies twisted your thoughts, your logical reasoning, and closed off your heart space? The 1st part ends with a mostly silent meditation, in which Karin frees your head and heart space from old burdens.


Relationships – Love/ Sensuality Part II:  In the first three meditation healings, Karin intensely enters into the topic ‘Dealing with Sexuality’. She explains what it means, especially for women, if they allow the need for closeness and love to be reduced to sheer physical soulless sex. Karin assists by cleansing the related groin areas from the burdens these experiences have created. It is through these traumatic experiences that either one or all of these areas have become blocked or distorted. This clearing and subsequent connecting of the head, heart, and groin area, is necessary as the basis for fulfilled relationships. In the final meditation Karin takes you back to your natural, pure original state and recharges you with the frequency of internal completeness. This along with a stable connection to your higher self and the pure source, are crucial elements for a fulfilled love life. The end of part two leaves you with the outlook of further possibilities to staying in tune with your desires.


Following this intensive program, you will receive a link to the MP3 recordings of all the meditation healings to download. They are imbedded with healing frequencies that will continue to work on you in the future and can be utilized in various ways, through conscious meditation or even on low volume while you sleep. A new addition to these healings are the comments Karin offers in between her meditations and are now made available to you as important insights regarding your life and your spirit. If you missed it during the process, you will now get double the benefit.


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