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Strengthening Children and Youths


Even in my childhood, I came into contact with my healing abilities and had an intuitive access to other realities. Like many others, I tried to hide or ignore my otherworldly and mostly supernatural abilities, so that I could feel that I belonged. For this reason, I urgently recommend that all parents should support their children with similar or other extrasensory abilities. Our children are never “difficult” without a reason, and sometimes we need to learn how to look more closely.


Children and youths are autonomous beings with abilities and talents entirely their own. And it is important to recognize and uncover these talents. That is the greatest gift that parents can give to their children.


In this program, we begin with a 20 minute frequency coded meditation healing, so that we come into the state of the present. Through a few simple, but astonishing mental exercises, we strengthen our self confidence by learning how to gain access to our ingenious brain. The effect: an increase in intelligence, concentration, and joy, the dissolution of blockades such as ADHD, depression, aggression, and more… As a mother, I know the large and small troubles, worries, and problems of children and youths. To support them, to tune their frequencies to a fulfilled life, is my heartfelt wish.


For children less than 12 years old, it is mandatory for a parent to participate in the program as well. This is because I will also give you practical instructions and tools, with which you can practice more at home, and with ease, joy, and elegance.

For our children, now is a good time to learn how to lose the fear of being in their strongest and most brilliance condition!


Further Information


Children are born and bring their appearance and other physical characteristics with them through their genetic connection. Character traits, affinities and talents are also part of the genetic potential. Certain attitudes, transgenerational inheritages and energetic anchors of society are part of this. In this way, for example, the postwar generation is extremely characterized by subliminal fear, which was energetically anchored in the bodies and organisms of people by war.


Over the course of years in growing up, this “gift” is strengthened, or it retreats into the background. Added to this are the attitudes and doctrines of the parents, grandparents, and the entire environment, which form the child more and more. When the child doesn’t “function” as the parents or the environment wishes, there are problems. At this point, a frequency alteration can be helpful, because it helps the child, the youth to (again) come into contact with himself and his abilities and to create out of his entirely individual potential. It is about laying a solid foundation for a self-determined life. Our children do not belong to us; they have the right to shape their own lives. They are not here to fulfill our expectations, wishes, and projections!


Autonomy and Independence are Gifts for Children and Youths


Another way of not taking children seriously as self determined beings is described by psychologists such as Kristin Lagattuta of the University of California in Davis. Studies have shown that parents often have a positively distorted view of their offspring. Simply put, parents live on a different planet than their children. There’s no other way of explaining the generally rosy view that people have of their offspring. This view is often connected with excessive requirements and demands. Somehow, all parents are convinced that their daughter or their son is especially gifted, especially attractive and especially sociable. (Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Bd. 113, S. 211, 2012).


Children often express their “illness” through physical symptoms such as bedwetting, crying, sensitivity to infections, tantrums, and many more. This leave many parents strained, and some even desperate. In youths, psychological components such as fear of failure, problems of self-worth and disorientation are present as well. All symptoms are the expression of an inner feeling of separation.


Therefore, we need to support our children in their uniqueness. Therefore, I adjust their frequency towards being themselves, towards being complete. I want to give them courage to lead a happy life under THEIR direction.




“Sarah had severe stomach aches every morning and went to school crying. After a couple of sessions with you, she is cheerful, pain-free, and self-confident, we are sooo thankful!”


“The improvement in our daughter is unbelievable! She has changed 180 degrees, and we can’t believe it! Now she is a nice, normal, active teenager, she engages in conversations with us, doesn’t roll her eyes, and she seldom says “No” when asked to do something. We are so happy!”


“As you know, our family circumstances were not healthy. But that has all changed! Our daughter is brilliant! She is also excelling at school and seems to have everything under control. Now she is an entirely normal teenager, perhaps even a bit easier than most. She seems to be more organized than usual as well, and that is simply wonderful.”
15 Minute Session $75, this service is recommended for returning clients… who want assistance with a specific issue, who do not need to ask questions or discuss a topic.


30 Minute Session $140, this session time is recommended for first time clients and returning clients… who have questions or have two or more points to work on.


4 Day Program $540, this session time is recommended for clients with chronic ailments or issues.



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