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According to Health Canada over 70% of the population is faced with pathogenic yeast Candida albicans ​that present​s​ itself in many different forms​; growing in the intestines ​and/​or as ​a ​genital fungus​.​ ​It is also frequently responsible for yeast infections in the form of skin fungus, ​the most ​frequently​ common and frequent being athlete’s foot.
The symptoms of a yeast infection of the Candida albicans are diverse and not necessarily unique.​ Often​ those people who​ are ​affected have no idea for the longest time that a fungal infection ​could be ​the reason for their issues.​​

​As a​ parasite ​the candida albicans require​s nutrients from its host to multiply and spread. ​It consumes the​ important nutrients from the ​ food pulp in the intestine, ​resulting in the lack of ongoing absorption of nutrients for the infected person. As a result of fungal infection ​one feel​s often tired, ​limp and exhausted. Because the fungus ​is always​ defending ​it’s ​conquered ​area, it weakens the immune system by producing harmful metabolites​ or​ Mykotoxins (fungus poisons). An unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle and stress offer ​opportunities for the condition to spread.


Cravings – especially ​​for​ sweet​s ​- are often due to the Candida albicans, because​ ​​it​ has ​a ​particular ​fondness for any sugar and refined carbohydrates. Despite several attempts at diet people can’t resist this constant craving for sweet​s​​ ​and as a result simply cannot successfully take off​ ​the weight.


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This meditation healing will help you to relieve your symptoms.

“The Candida ​​healing​ ​was exceptional​ ​​during the session I felt as if I was being shaken, like someone was shaking something out of me​​ ​while at the same time feeling like I was gagging something up.”


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