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These three new condensed frequency healings will take you on a trip abroad.




The Path to Mastery – Relationships and Finances


Are you ready to engage in one or all of the three to five hour journeys harboring the potential to actually stand your ground on a new terrain?


Currently we can no longer deal with the many levels of today’s complex global tasks by continuing to cope using the familiar old parameters. Many people feel, that we now need fundamental social changes. They want something new and different to break free from old structures and outmoded ways of thinking. Some people have been “forced” through external circumstances and their reactions are accordingly. Either hold on at any cost no matter how much, because the fear of loss of control is too overwhelming or; finally letting go, walking into the uncertain unknown, choosing the way of fulfillment of which is our natural birthright.


Selecting your birthright, these new frequency healings are exactly right for you. They help you to accelerate into the necessary internal redevelopment at the seed level. By re-calibrating your internal navigation system, you will experience that the new comes to you much faster without headache and hard work – if you engage in the adventure and can entrust the leadership of your higher self! That would be the ideal position to welcome the new frequency changes that Karin A. Haemmerle has access to.



The Path to Mastery:


Accelerate your potential!


This three-hour intensive healing program consists of a total of nine different sequential meditation healings.


The ideal breeding ground for rapid change lies in the connection with your higher self (spirit) and the pure source. With this connection Karin A. Haemmerle unlocks the door to the heaven of new frequencies for you. They are the basis for the conversion, transformation and reprogramming of your old limited self-image. It proceeds as follows:


The healing process begins with a thorough cleaning and clarification, i.e. any restrictions such as old beliefs, burdensome molding and family dynamics that block our self-development, to track down and as far as possible, to bring in an understanding. This step 1 will help you to look at your life from a distance and to understand why it is, and how it is.


In the second step Karin will remove these blockages and wandering energies and re-calibrate your internal navigation system, so that you can receive “inspirations cohesive for you” now and in future. Through these higher, pure frequencies that Karin infuses in you, you will get access to universal intelligence, as well as a sharpening of your intuition.


In Step 3 Karin will help you to create a solid, but dynamic (flexible) foundation in the form of a strong, new self-image, which will give you the necessary grounding and stability. Many report a new self-confidence, which has a positive impact on their actions and their dealings with others.



In Step 4 the conditions are placed for anchoring the new self-image to create and attract a nourishing environment in which your abilities can grow in a short time. That which no longer serves you will disappear from your life. This is how your path will be paved that will bring fulfillment in all areas of your life.



Karin A. Haemmerle will duplicate herself in these healing programs, which enables her to work at the same time on all participants and yet individually, which has been perceptible for many people. This high efficiency is a special feature of her new programs.


Following this intensive program, you will receive a link to the MP3 recordings of all meditation healings for downloading, imbedded with healing frequencies that will continue to work in the future for you. A new addition to these healings are the comments Karin offers in between her meditations and is now made available for you as important insights regarding your life and your spirit. If you missed it during the process, you will now get double the benefit.


“The Path to Mastery Intense playshop assisted in bringing out my hidden natural abilities that were brought into this lifetime with me. I had followed a path of learning different energetic modalities but until I had stepped into my own abilities, and had started to expand them, I didn’t truly experience success. I had a session today with three people in it and was totally amazed at what happened. This was the first time I had three people in one session and my abilities had expanded so much that not just my clients were blown away by the experience but so was I! Even I don’t understand how I do what I do, I simply allow myself to be guided by my spirit. I totally agree that The Path to Mastery Intense is a game changer. It will elevate anyone’s skill sets no matter what healing path you are on.”


Friday, November 24th

~ Personal Sessions, 1 – 5:30 p.m.  More Info…

~ Experience Evening, 7 – 9 p.m.  More Info…

Saturday, November 25th

~ Path to Mastery Intense, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.   More Info…

~ Finances and Success3 – 7 p.m.  More Info…

Sunday, November, 26th

~ Relationships ~ Love ~ Sensuality, 12 – 4 p.m.   More Info…

~ The Frequency of Beauty, 5 – 6:30 p.m.   More Info…



Spaces are limited, please secure your space via PayPal, November 25th, 10 am-2 pm, $190




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