Coaching for You and Your Business


Change your frequency, change your business.


Each Coaching is adapted to your individual situation, your needs, and your wishes. Personal counseling and the desired change in frequency does not need to remain restricted to your professional concerns. Themes that concern health, personal, social, or spiritual areas may be included if desired.


As an executive, you have taken on not just responsibility for yourself, but also for your business. Your frequency, therefore, also determines the frequency of your business, or, said differently, changing your frequency will have an automatic effect on your business. You characterize the spirit of your business, which reveals itself in fundamental attitudes and values, and which you in turn represent to your coworkers and the public.


  • Do you want more self-confidence, self-assurance, and sovereignty?
  • Do you want to be free of confining control mechanisms and fears?
  • Do you want innovative ideas, original solutions, more readiness to take risks?
  • Do you want more customers and contracts?
  • Do you want more flow, better communication, more transparency?
  • Do you want more team spirit and engagement from your staff?


Frequencies that oppose your goal will be dissolved and adapted.


The goal of the coaching is to dissolve blockades and the success-hindering frequencies that lie at the root of the issue in the session without losing yourself in the past or in your personal history in the process. When relevant, the whole environment will be considered, such as your professional situation, your family, your other relationships, or your personal health. The focus is on the present, the Now, and the positive change in frequencies.


My positive approach begins with the idea that your individual world view is decisive for your understanding of problems. Following this school of thought, the coaching focuses on new perspectives that make it possible for you to discover new, perhaps even completely unexpected points of view, which are not generated from the restricted level of understanding and therefore can be much more comprehensive and far-sighted. In contrast to other coaching methods, meditation is a fundamental element of the process. It supports the sessions and shows you a way to be your own coach in the future and find your own solutions for your concerns.


Changing frequencies produces very deep and lasting changes.


The strength and the advantage of this type of coaching lies in the access that my healing abilities give me to higher realities and through them, to higher connections that are not easily perceptible, but which can be decisive for your future success and the success of your business!


The more you learn to lead yourself and to allow yourself to be led, the better you will lead your business.




As an introduction and so that we can get to know each other, the three day seminar Generating Success is offered. It creates an enriching and solid basis for a coaching that will advance you and your business.


“…who would have thought that in this way, my business could have tripled. It is like magic, and yet so real. I go farther along this path with Karin than ever before, because the field of possibilities is endlessMore Information…



The term “Coaching” comes from the English: “to coach”, and refers to training concepts and counseling concepts in the development and implementation of personal, health, spiritual, or professional goals. The term Coach is not protected. There is no governmentally recognized training or scientifically consolidated quality standards for this occupation.




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