1.        Working with Frequencies

2.        Self Healing is Self Empowerment

3.        Dissolving Stressful Circumstances

4.        The Effects of Frequency Adjustments

Karin A. Haemmerle works in person as well as via Skype and telephone. She changes & heightens your frequency as she speaks with you or leads you through a meditation.

Fulfillment in Life
Health – Home – Everyday Life

Fulfillment with People

Family – Friends – Society

Fulfillment at the Job

Business – Success – Career



1.        Working with Frequencies


“Miracles do not happen in opposition to nature, but only in opposition to what we know about nature.” (Augustinus)


Many people are familiar with healing work on the energy systems of the body, such as acupuncture, Shiatsu, working with chakras, etc. They bring stuck energy into flow, yet the effect often isn’t lasting, because the causes of the blockages aren’t really lifted. After a certain time, the flow of energy stops again, and the old complaints come back.


Working with frequencies is basic in nature and therefore lasting, because frequencies regulate the body’s energy systems. To work on the level of frequencies is to work at the seed level. Consequently, it is not just the complaints or blockages that are dissolved. In addition, the higher intelligence intrinsic to the frequencies also causes positive changes in connection with the life and quality of life of the individual. The source of the pure, high frequencies is the pure source. They are invisible to us, but we can perceive their effects through the changes that appear. A frequency adjustment happens without effort, trouble-free and with ease, and above all, beyond the world of rational understanding. It comes, so to speak, through the back door. Suddenly you notice that something is different, has changed for the better, but it is often difficult to say exactly when and how it happened.


The effect of this work is best compared with quantum healing, in which no energy flows and none is led. It is based on the interaction between the pure consciousness, which has an intrinsic and implicit perfect order, and the fundamental level of reality, the quantum level, through which harmonizations are set into motion, which we experience as healing.



2.        Self Healing is Self Empowerment


“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth… ” (Thomas Jefferson)


Take On Full Responsibility for Your Life


Karin A. Haemmerle works above all with the spirit (the higher self) of people. She has the ability to see it and to support it in letting go of old, bad habits. That has a direct effect on the body, because it is created and governed by the spirit. The higher self leads us through our life; it guides us. You could say it like this: Karin A Haemmerle does not work on the level of creation (body=effect) but on the creator itself (spirit=initiator). This is how we win (back) real control over our life and take over full responsibility for ourselves. This type of control is entirely different from that which some people think they have over their lives. Suddenly things happen that existentially threaten their lives, such as dangerous illnesses, accidents or other strokes of fate. Often enough, they cause a “change of course” in people’s lives. That is often the means used by the spirit to shake us awake when something isn’t right (anymore). Such experiences often catapult us into greater growth.


The Basis of Self Empowerment


“Consciousness is not selective. It is the absolute space in which everything happens.” (Karl Renz)


  • Learn to connect with your higher self (spirit) and to invite it in your body. The breath and the deliberately led awareness play an important role in this. Differently than in the well known time-space-pattern, in the spirit space, there is no time, no distance, no distinction in the sense of good and evil. The spirit loves to be in the body. Because it is only through the five senses and our consciousness that it can have real experiences, and that is what the spirit wants, it wants to express itself, and above all, to play! For it, the “serious” side of life doesn’t exist! The more we reject the body and undervalue it as disturbing or unimportant, the more we force the spirit out of the body. Many people feel unconnected, empty, or separate, without knowing what that really means. Wandering-through-the-body (body scan) is, for example, a good method to connect us with the body, to come into the present moment, and thereby invite the spirit into the body.


  • Learn to connect yourself with the pure source again, and practice keeping the contact. It is best described with the term of pure consciousness (the neutral level in quantum physics), a condition that many people are familiar with through meditation. Many experience it as empty space, as “Nothing” (the space between two thoughts), in which a feeling of well-being, a feeling of inner peace arises. Many experience themselves as being highly concentrated, “fully there”, in the present moment, while being relaxed at the same time. It is a condition of not-thinking, not-judging and not-assessing. In this condition, healing happens by itself. It is the pure consciousness that brings things into order (again), not us. You only have to create the preconditions to “allow” yourself healing.


More information about how frequency adjustments proceed and what happens in them, can be found under: Questions & Answers



3.        Dissolving Stressful Circumstances


“Due to its individual way of life and the type of its relationships, feelings, and perceptions, each society develops a system of categories that determine the forms of consciousness.” (Erich Fromm)


Dissolving Undesired and Generally Unconscious Counter-Programs as a Precondition for Successful Self-Healing


Karin A. Haemmerle supports you, above all in the first sessions, to release and divert stressful circumstances where required, should these impair your quality of life or stand in the way of your desires.


  • Dissolution of Chronic Ailments


  • Dissolution of physical, emotional and mental ailments and blockages


  • Dissolution of self-destructive patterns and external energies


  • Dissolution of traumatic and stressful transgenerational transmissions


  • Transformation from “Heaviness” to Ease and Joy


In addition, she will show you how you can activate yourself healing abilities in the future and positively influence the circumstances of your life. Self-healing happens to the degree that your higher self allows it, and the more you practice being in contact with the pure origin (the pure consciousness). Though some people have wonderful results after one session, it takes longer for others, according to how well you can let go or how protracted and severe the ailments are.



4.        The Effects of Frequency Adjustments


“To experience abundance in all areas of our life is our divine birthright. The effects of frequency work feel so natural to many people, that many forget that there was a “Before”!” (Karin A. Haemmerle)


Gain Access to the Boundless Possibilities of Your Life


  • Heighten yourself assurance, vitality, and zest for life


  • Experience being more in the present moment, experience emptiness of mind


  • Access to a vital and healthy self


  • Activate and heighten your self-healing abilities, accelerate the desired results


  • Deepen trust in the wisdom of your spirit’s inner guidance


  • Experience abundance and heighten well-being


  • Heighten connection to the creative genius in us, the intuition


  • Courage to realize and manifest the real dreams for your life


  • Attract fulfilling relationships that enrich us and allow us to grow


  • Allow more success and heighten joy at work and in your career


  • Increase your income without great effort


  • Improve your appearance and your general condition


  • and much more…



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