2018 January 21 Day Group Healing









Do the 21 Day, 30 minute meditations stay as powerful and transformative as in the live group healing?


Yes! Are those MP3 recordings as effective as they are in the live group healing? Yes!  Karin is working from a superordinate, higher reality in which the limitations of linear time and space do not exist. 

When you listen to these recordings your spirit will be pulled into those frequencies that these different healings are downloaded with. 

Karin recommends downloading these meditations and playing them in a loop.  This is how you will stay in the resonating field of higher frequencies that will reflect positively onto your own results.


  1. Day ~ Becoming intimate
  2. Day ~ Willing to let go
  3. Day ~ Self realization
  4. Day ~ Grounding anchor
  5. Day ~ Recognizing opportunities
  6. Day ~ Coming into spirit space
  7. Day ~ Understanding where you are
  8. Day ~ A brilliant you
  9. Day ~ Resetting to original state
  10. Day ~ New foundation
  11. Day ~ Just being
  12. Day ~ Passion and desire
  13. Day ~ Generating higher frequencies
  14. Day ~ Being your own hero
  15. Day ~ Resurgence
  16. Day ~ Staring into your eyes
  17. Day ~ Strong female/male frequencies
  18. Day ~ Empty space
  19. Day ~ Possibilities
  20. Day ~ Healing abilities
  21. Day ~ Simplicity



21 Meditations, each 30 Minutes as MP3 download


“21 Colorful Days

Dear Karin,

Namasté and a heartfelt thank you for your accompaniment in these 21 days. Like on your home page the crayon color…movement, bringing that in that is how I perceive this…a cocktail of feelings: physical changes, an ocean of colors, as consequential synchronicities on the outside, dream information, also inner resistance on some days, but from the beginning perceiving your voice as familiarly intimate (smiling to myself), now…the feeling of being at home! Which through those times of strong changes on the outside was perceived as a breath of release. Also today on the last day…pulled everything to the point, focusing in on security…now thankful to be part of this group and in your care…as part of the Pure Source (because how can I connect even stronger and be part of the ocean)  …. and knowing that whenever I need help that I can turn to you.

Thank you,” J.



“Dear Karin,

I thank you for these wonderful experiences of the 21 day group healing.  I feel enveloped by love and light.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was looking so forward every day to the meditation and the meeting of the group in Spirit. I could spend all day with your meditations. It is exciting to see the changes in my everyday life. Inside of me I feel deep love and connection, feel embraced.” S.



“Dear Karin,

This was the greatest finale!  See you again in the 21 Days in February.” M.


“Dear Karin,

This was an amazing time. I hope that my healing abilities will develop even more. I have been looking for the past 40 years for peace in my brain, but these 21 days were absolutely, absolutely fantastic. I will continue daily with selected meditations and connect with the mastermind because there are no limitations of time or space. Surely I will dissolve a few more layers that are still restricting me. I have the best results when I am standing up. That is when I become so present and my body is acting with movement, my arms are going up or I rock back and forth. I am looking forward to an even better presence and remain with heartfelt regards.” D.


“Dear Karin,

Such power, brilliance and clarity on this the final day of the 21 days. Seeing through the patterns, really knowing it is now up to me, my Spirit and the ongoing connection to Pure Source. Such simplicity, yet so very powerful! My heart resonates with such gratitude and love. Thank you for these precious, priceless gifts that I will continue to utilize ongoing, so I can confirm the deletion of old patterns as I continue to become even more solid in my body. Thank you darling Karin, from the deepest part of my being.” S.K.





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